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  • Baby Care

    Chicco Cortina Travel System - VIVID/ATLANTIC

    • The Chicco Cortina SE Stroller is loaded with features that you and baby will love!
    • Proper installation is the KEY to making your baby's world safer. #1-Rated Chicco KeyFit 30
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Universal Double Hooks for Stroller

    • The practical multi-purpose hooks allow you to attach bags, bags and more to the stroller.
    • They rotate 360 ° and can be easily installed on all strollers by means of a Velcro textile tape.
    • Product Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 2 cm
    • Package Dimensions: 22 x 30 x 13 cm
    • Shipping Weight: 0.5KG
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Cotton Buds 160 Pieces

    • Chicco cotton buds are soft and flexible, 100% cotton.
    • Ideal for daily hygiene and grooming.
    • Available in a pack of 160 pcs.
    1.35 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Fine-Toothed Comb

    • The fine-toothed comb is ideal to gently remove cradle caps in the first months of a baby's life.
    • It has fine teeth with rounded ends to ensure maximum gentleness on the baby's delicate skin.
    1.80 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Physio Soft Colored (6-12M) Silicone, 1 Piec

    • It helps the baby's mouth and tongue action to develop properly and satisfies his natural sucking instinct.
    • Research on the Chicco Orthodontic Teat was conducted by a Scientific Committee comprising Orthodontic University Lecturers.
    4.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    لهاية محمولة و لطيفة عطفل من شيكو

    الآن يمكنك الحصول على الكثير من اللهايات ، محمية بشكل جيد من التأثير الخارجي ، حتى عندما تمشي مع طفلك.

    إرفاقها بالكيس ، إلى العربة ، إلى جانب السرير

    3.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Wet Wipes Physio Clean 16 Pieces

    • soft texture, they gently cleanse and moisturize the baby's delicate skin.
    • The formula, with aloe vera and chamomile, is ideal during change moment and to cleanse baby's hands and face
    • No parabens, SLS, SLES
    • Recommended Age: Suitable for ages from 0 months and above
    3.15 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Fluoride Free Toothpaste, Apple and Banana Flavor

    • Fluoride-free. Exciting flavour to clean, care and protect your baby's teeth. Now give your baby every reason to smile.
    • Presenting exciting flavour Apple-banana toothpaste with Xylitol which helps to prevent cavities.
    • Does not damage milk teeth, thanks to the low-abrasive formula.
    3.20 JOD
  • Baby Care

    لهاية سيليكون مريحه من شيكو 4+ ألوان متعددة

    • لطيفة وناعمة على بشرة الطفل الرقيقة
    • تتيح قاعدة الحلمة الناعمة والناعمة إغلاق فم الطفل بشكل طبيعي عند المص.
    • ضمان مرور الهواء لتجنب ركود اللعاب والسماح لبشرة الطفل بالتنفس.
    4.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Soother Ph.comfort Pink Sil 12m+ 1pc C

    • The comfortable shape leaves a free space between the chin and nose to facilitate breathing and moving
    • The jumper is made of soft and durable silicone.
    4.08 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Physio Soft Soother Silicone 4M+ 1P Colored

    • It helps the baby's mouth and tongue action to develop properly and satisfies his natural sucking instinct.
    • Research on the Chicco Orthodontic Teat was conducted by a Scientific Committee comprising Orthodontic University Lecturers.
    4.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Physio Comfort Silicone Bright 1 pc, 4m +

    • It has only 4 contact points with the child's sensitive skin for maximum protection.
    • Ventilation holes provide airflow and help to remove excess saliva, which is a source of irritation.
    • The teat is made of extremely soft silicone. The upper part of the nipple is profiled up, exactly as the tongue is laid, and allows correct distribution of side pressure on the palate.
    4.08 JOD
  • Baby Care

    حاملة لهاية مزدوجة اكثر من لون للأطفال من شيكو

    • حمل في الحقيبة أو تعليق في عربة الأطفال.
    • قابلة للتحويل إلى اثنين من أصحاب الأكواب الفردية.
    • مثالية لفصل اللهاية في الاستخدام من تلك النظيفة بالفعل.
    4.25 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Physio Air Soother with Case Silicone 12M+ Boy 2PCS

    • 2 per pack
    •  Ergonomically shaped Adapts to the baby's face and keeps enough distance to chin and nose; with safety ring
    •  Vents: Designed to guarantee maximum ventilation
    •  Rounded profile: Gently lies on baby's skin
    7.14 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Body lotion 200 ml ITAR pack 2

    • The new baby toiletries line baby moments is born! A complete range of products
    • very day, from the first day. Body lotion moisturises baby's skin, making it wonderfully smooth and soft.
    • It is non-oily and quickly absorbed by skin.
    4.50 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Door Stop

    • The Door Lock helps to prevent the door from moving
    • preventing children from being closed by mistake in a room
    4.70 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Melissa & Doug My First Paint with Water - Animals

    • special all-inclusive art pad is perfect for the beginning painter
    • cup of water and the included paintbrush, kids can get instant rewards
    • colors in the pattern will blend together to create a single paint color
    5.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    عضاضة للتسنين 6M+ و 12M+ من شيكو

    • فم الطفل لديه احتياجات مختلفة ومتعددة
    • صمم مجموعة من المنتجات لتلبية الاحتياجات الفردية
    • مليئة بالوقت المثير للاكتشافات الجديدة المفاجئة يومًا بعد يوم
    5.95 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco New Baby Nail Scissors, Orange

    • The following children's scissors are made of stainless steel.
    • The blades are curved with rounded tips and finger holes covered with non-slip rubber for total safety during use.
    • It is included in the package a protective cap for maximum hygiene.
    5.50 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Short Blade Scissors for Newborn Babies

    • Newborn baby scissors in stainless steel with short, curved blades with rounded ends to allow clipping the baby's nails easily and in a precise way.
    • The rounded ends ensure maximum safety.
    5.50 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco New Baby Nail Scissors Pink / Light Blue

    • These baby nail scissors made in stainless steel and have a curved blade with rounded ends and rubber inside finger holes to ensure complete safety during use.
    • They come with a cover to hygienically protect the blades when not in use.
    5.50 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Fresh Relax Cherry Teethers

    • This Fresh Relax teether from Chicco that has the shape of cherry is designed to soothe gums during the 4M+ teething phase.
    • Chicco has designed a complete range of products to meet the individual needs of babies during the various teething phases (2m+chewing, 4m+ refreshing, 6m+ stimulating).
    5.61 JOD
  • Baby Care

    حفاظات عالية الامتصاص (بلس) من شيكو

    • حفاضات رقيقة ومريحة لارتداء لأقصى قدر من التنقل الطفل
    • يمنع تسرب تسرب الجانب الناعم الرطوبة من التسرب
    • لطيف ويتكيف مع الساقين
    5.70 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Soft Nozzles for Physio clean Nasal Aspirator

    • Each pack contains 10 soft disposable heads with a filter.
    • Each nozzle is individually packed to ensure maximum hygiene.
    • The ends have been specially designed to fit the sensitive nostrils of babies.
    5.75 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Teat Well-Being Silicone (Medium Flow)

    • Silicone waistcoat with double anti-colic valve: always remaining full of milk and thanks to the double valve prevents the ingestion of air.
    • Equipped with pads at the base: they simulate the breast and increase the elasticity and flexibility of the nipple.
    5.97 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Well Being Silicone Teat (+2m)

    •  Made of soft, pure natural latex rubber.
    •  Has a special Anti-Colic Valve.
    •  Allows your baby to suck the milk steadily without swallowing air.
    5.97 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Bottle Silicon 250ml 2

    • Bottle tilted physiological teat with colic: a serene and continue sucking tube
    • Opening bottom with silicone membrane for easy cleaning
    • Ergonomic bottle: easy and safe grip
    • Drip cap
    • Silicon teat
    6.50 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Bottle Brush Set

    • Bottle brush set which allows to clean any type of feeding bottles and accessories.
    • indispensable for cleaning the products used for artificial feeding.
    • feeding bottle brush with bristle in nylon is hygienic & is suitable for any bottle.
    • designed to eliminate any grease or residues without damaging the product’s inner surface.
    6.60 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Nature Glass Bottle Silicone (150 ml)

    • Comes with a valve that promotes regulation of positive pressure-flow
    • Silicon nipple makes sucking process easier
    • Designed with a broad teat base
    • Material: Glass
    7.90 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Nature Glass 240ml Bottle - Silicone Flow

    • Slow flow teat.
    • Anti-colic effect: the anti-colic valve is designed to prevent air intake, helping to reduce irritability, reflux and post-intake colic.
    • Quiet and uninterrupted feeding: Its wide mouth facilitates the placement of the child's lips, favouring suction. Its raised rings offer a more natural feel.
    9.00 JOD