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  • Pre Workouts

    Kevin Levrone Shaaboom Pump / Orange

    • Benefits: Improves muscular endurance, increases exercise performance and improves intensity during exercise.
    • Each bottle is 120 ml and contains 4 servings.
    • Nutrition facts per serving (30 ml):
    • 1.5 g Citrulline Malate
    1.50 JOD
  • Health & Wellness

    Scitec Nutrition Selenium

    Benefits: Selenium has a wide array of health benefits, including its ability to protect against certain heart diseases, boost the strength of the immune system, maximize thyroid function, reduce inflammation, prevent cancer, reduce the signs of premature aging, protect against antibodies, boost hair health, and balance hormones.

    10.00 JOD
  • Health and Personal Care

    GlutaLean – 250g

    • 5g l-glutamine
    • Improves muscle recovery
    • 50 servings
    • 0g sugar- no sugar has been added to this product
    • Country of Origin: India
    25.00 JOD
  • Health & Wellness

    Scitec Nutrition ALA

    • Benefits: Alpha-lipoic acid or ALA is a naturally occurring compound that's made in the body. It serves vital functions at the cellular level, such as energy production.
    15.00 JOD
  • Health & Wellness

    Scitec Nutrition Calcium - Magnesium

    • Benefits: Maintenance of normal bones and teeth, Normal functioning of the nervous system: neurotransmitter and muscle contraction including heart muscles, Normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal protein synthesis, normal function of digestive enzymes.
    17.00 JOD
  • Amino Acids & BCAAs

    Carbo Fuel Nuclear Nutrition

    • Provide energy for muscle groups
    • Enriched with AAKG and beta-alanine
    • With an innovative proportion of BCAA
    • Contains an optimal proportion of simple to complex carbohydrates
    18.00 JOD
  • Fat Burners

    Scitec Nutrition CLA X 60 Caps

    • Decreases the absorption of fat ingested with meals
    • Inhibits the lipoprotein lipase, responsible for the accumulation of fatty acid reserves (triglycerides) in our organism
    • Increases oxidation of fatty acids so that they can be burned by muscles
    • With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for the cells
    • Helps decrease cholesterol and triglyceride levels
    25.00 JOD
  • Pre Workouts

    Inner Armour Creatine Micronized

    • An ergogenic and anaerobic aid supporting intense muscular performance.
    • Support Increased Strength
    • Recovery and Power
    25.00 JOD
  • Glutamine


    • Helps speed up muscle recovery
    • Spares precious muscle by preventing muscle breakdown
    • Supports healthy immune function
    • Promotes protein synthesis
    25.00 JOD
  • Amino Acids & BCAAs

    Fitness Authority Xtreme Beef Amino 300 Tabs

    Xtreme Beef Amino is hydrolyzed beef protein of the highest quality and bioavailability that takes part in collagen production

    • 1g Protein / 1 tab
    • 0 CHO
    • 0 Fat
    27.00 JOD
  • Pre Workouts

    FA Arginine AKG

    • Number of Servings: 50
    • 6g Arginine
    • 2mg Arginine
    28.00 JOD
  • Health and Personal Care

    Evlution Nutrition L-Glutamine 5000, 0.18 oz Pure L Glutamine Per Serving, Post Workout, Nitrogen Transporter, Immune Support, Vegan, Gluten Free, Unflavored Powder (60 Servings)

    • Get more with your glutamine | Fuel your body with Glutamine5000 from Evlution Nutrition, which contains 0.18 oz of ultra-pure L-Glutamine that supports a variety of essential functions to keep your body running strong.
    • Rapid Recovery from Training: L-Glutamine is one of the main amino acids involved in muscle synthesis, which means that the body is actively using it to repair damaged or injured muscle tissue. This makes it the ideal supplement to shorten recovery time, increase muscle mass or relieve minor aches and pains.
    28.00 JOD
  • Pre Workouts

    FA Nutrition Arginine 60 servings

    • Benefits: It helps widen the lumen of all blood vessels, which means better transportation of blood and oxygen to all the active muscles
    • Nutrition facts: 2.5g Arginine per serving.
    • Serving size: 60 servings.
    • How to use: 2 tablets pre workout.
    28.00 JOD
  • Pre Workouts

    EVL Pump Mode 25 gm

    • Benefits: Intense pumps, performance, vascularity, endurance and power.
    • Nutrition facts: 1.5g HydroMax, 1g Betaine Nitrate.
    • How to use: 1 serving pre workout
    • Serving size:30 servings.
    32.00 JOD
  • Amino Acids & BCAAs

    Gear Amino Shock 366 gm Fruit Punch

    • Improving recovery from muscle fatigue after exercise
    • Ensures that your body will actually incorporate these amino acids without waste or inefficiency

    35.00 JOD
  • Fat Burners

    Labrada L Carnitine 16 Oz Fruit Punch

    • L-CARNITINE assists in the fat breakdown of food used for energy. It plays an essential role in making fatty acids available for muscle tissue, promotes muscular energy, supports exercise recovery.
    36.00 JOD
  • Pre Workouts

    FA Core Pump Energizer Orange / Cola 250 gm

    • Benefits: Boosts energy levels and performance during exercise and increases focus levels.
    • Serving size: 30 Servings.
    • Nutritional value: 2.6 grams of beta-alanine, 667 mg of arginine, 200 mg of caffeine and 200 mg of thirosine.
    36.00 JOD
  • Pre Workouts

    Gear Pre-Shock 405 gm / 30 servings / multi flavor

    • Increase the strength of some training
    • Focus and commitment to training
    40.00 JOD
  • Health & Wellness

    Scitec Nutrition Vita Greens and Fruits

    • Benefits: Vitamins and minerals are basic essential nutrients that must be adequately taken in for optimal health and high-level sports performance, it’s also very good for the immune and digestive systems.
    55.00 JOD
  • Offer
    Amino Acids & BCAAs

    Labrada Lean Pro 8 3 Lbs Choc/Straw/Van

    • Egg Albumin
    • Whey Protein Isolate
    • Calcium Caseinate
    • Whey Protein Concentrate
    • Micellar Casein
    • Rich in BCAA & Glutamine
    56.00 JOD
  • Carbohydrates

    Scitec Nutrition Balanced Recovery 2100 gm Straw/ Pina Colada/ Choc Hazelnut

    • Most intense exercise regimens – including CrossFit and other high-intensity functional training styles – burn up a lot of carbohydrates and tear down muscle tissue, therefore efficient recovery requires reloading carbohydrates and protein or amino acids.
    60.00 JOD
  • Protein Blends

    Fitness Authority Titanium Pro Plex 7 Lbs Choc/Straw/Van

    • High protein content
    • 7 different types of protein: whey protein concentrate Carbelac®, whey protein isolate ISOLAC®, hydrolyzed whey protein Optipep, micellar casein, hydrolyzed casein PeptoPro®, ovalbumin, and beef protein isolate
    • Low sugar content
    73.00 JOD
  • Supplements

    Labrada Lean Pro 8 - 5 Tbs / chocolate

    • Hydrolyzed whey Protein Isolate
    • Egg Albumin
    • Whey Protein Isolate
    80.00 JOD
  • Sport Machines

    جهاز الغزال الطائر

    • جهاز الغزال الطائر يعتبر افضل وسيلة لخسارة الوزن الزائد واعادة القوام الرشيق وحيث يعمل على ازالة الترهلات بشكل كامل مع عمل شد للبطن وكذلك الافخاد والارداف.
    • يتحمل وزن لغاية 100 كغم
    99.00 JOD
  • Supplements

    Labrada Iso Whey 5 Lbs

    • Pure Whey Protein Isolate
    • Rich in BCAA
    • Lactose and gluten free
    • Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla
    95.00 JOD
  • Sport Machines

    Orbit Track Crazy Fit Massager

    •  500 واط 
    • جهاز كريزي فيت هو الجهاز الاول في العالم الذي يعمل على تنحيف و تخسيس الجسم و تدليكه عن طريق الاهتزازات التي يعملها على الجسم لكي يفكك الدهون الموجودة في الجسم كا البطن و الصدر و الظهر و الارداف و الافخاد و المؤخرة وغيرها من المناطق وحرق السعرات الحرارية الزائدة في الجسم بدون جهد او تعب
    220.00 JOD
  • Sport Machines

    world fitness Spin bike

    • يعمل على شد الارجل بشكل كامل
    • لمن يعاني من الجلطات الدماغية وكسور في الارجل
    • ايضا جهاز ممتاز للعلاج الطبيعي
    279.00 JOD
  • Sport Machines

    world fitness up to 140KG Treadmill

    • وزن المستخدم 140 كغ
    •  قوة المحرك 4 حصان
    • جهاز رجاج لتكسير الدهون
    • مقابض تمرين المعدة
    369.00 JOD