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  • Baby Care

    Chicco Thermal Feeding Bottle Holder

    • Chicco’s feeding bottle holder makes it so easy and practical to carry your baby’s
    • The high performance materials and thermal insulating inner layer
    • It is highly versatile and can be adapted
    14.90 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Echo Stroller with Bumper, Bar Stone

    • Anatomic push handles,Winter and summer canopy
    • Including foldable and padded safety bar
    • Including basket and rain cover
    • The backrest can be adjusted in 4 different positions until it reaches lying position, adjustable footrest
    • Five-point harness with padded shoulder straps
    195.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Storage Net - Black

    • Perfect storage for phones, small baby toys, bottles, etc
    • The net bag attachable to the handle of the pushchair
    • Foldable for easy storage when not in use
    • Weight: 0.6KG
    • Shipping Weight: 0.8KG
    12.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Maternity Belt - Small Size

    • Maternity support belt made of soft elastic fabric to ensure top support following the contour of your belly without pressing it. A practical velcro strap ensures a perfect fit.
    • Small Size = 80 (European Measurement) / 36 (Anglo-American Measurement)
    • Medium Size = 85 (European Measurement) / 38 (Anglo-American Measurement)
    34.65 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Stay Warm Plate 2in1 6M+

    • The double plate consisting of a heating base and bowl
    • The capacity of these plates is designed based on the child's feeding
    • The smaller plate, due to the presence of a warmer, can be filled with warm water, helping to keep the food warm for longer.
    15.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco stroller Rain Cover - 0-5 Years - Red

    • Minimo 3 is a Chicco stroller with a quick fold system that can be activated with one hand. It has a compact size when folded and can be used as hand luggage when traveling on the plane.
    • Enjoy unparalleled freedom with the Minimo3 from Chicco that offers a compact size when folded and is great for travel and on-the-go with your child.
    • With innovation, whether in the folding system or the overall design, the Minimo 3 stroller from Chicco features new and attractive shapes, a very practical design, and a very comfortable lining to meet the needs of both parents and infants.
    • Chicco Minimo3 is a very compact stroller that is approved for use from birth to a weight of 15 kg. The one-hand foldable stroller is very practical and easy to use in all circumstances. Very compact when folded, it can be carried as baggage on the plane.
    225.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco - Easy Sleep Cot

    • Double protection on the base
    • Padded mattress
    • Security stand 
    • Sturdy base for a perfect resting area
    150.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco - Universal Double Hooks for Stroller

    • The practical multi-purpose hooks allow you to attach bags, bags and more to the stroller.
    • They rotate 360 ° and can be easily installed on all strollers by means of a Velcro textile tape.
    • product Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 2 cm
    • Package Dimensions: 22 x 30 x 13 cm
    • Weight: 0.09KG
    14.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Trio Car Kit

    • Trio Car Kit for use with Trio Carrycot during travel
    • It has 2 buckles to fit the carrycot
    • Carrycot fits on back seat using 3 point car seat belts
    • Only a carrycot anchored by this accessory is suitable for the transportation of the baby in the car
    • This car restraint system for newborns has been positively valued by pediatricians
    25.00 JOD
    13.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Weaning cotton bibs 3 PCS

    • The Weaning Bibs have a comfortable soft cotton top to absorb food leaks and stains and leak-proof lining that prevents food and drink seeping through onto clothes.
    • It has an ergonomic shape that makes life a little easier while dealing with the weaning stage.
    18.90 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Extension for Door Gate 72 mm

    • Chicco Extension Doorgate
    • Optional extra for Nightlight Safety Gate
    • Extends gate by up to 72cm
    • Maximum of one gate extension to be used
    • Easy to fit without tools
    25.00 JOD
    15.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Simplicity Baby Stroller 0m+, Blue / Red

    • Recommended baby Weight: Upto 15Kg
    • Infant Car Seat Compatible: Compatible with Chicco Keyfit car seat
    • Reclining Positions: Adjustable to 4-recline position
    • Brakes: 1 Step Brake
    215.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Soother Holder Neutral

    Now you can have on hand a lot of pacifiers, well protected from external influence, even when walking with your baby.

    Attach them to the bag, to the stroller, to the side of the bed

    4.25 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Fully Stroller Stone

    • Suitable from birth up to 36 months (max. body weight of 15 kg)
    • Convertible to double stroller by using additional seat unit (not included in delivery!) - 19 possible uses
    • Height-adjustable push bar with premium faux leather
    • Extendible canopy with mesh pocket and soother holder
    • Reversible and height-adjustable seat unit
    580.00 JOD
    522.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Thermal food container system 6m+

    • Suitable from 6 months on
    • Items delivered: 1 container that holds 180 ml, 1 thermo-container
    • Suitable for transporting, freezing and warming food and keeping food cool/ warm
    • Linkage system that holds containers tightly when slotted together
    31.50 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Fully Twin Stroller

    • Suitable from birth up to 36 months (max body weight of 15 kg)
    • Double stroller with 19 different uses
    • Height adjustable push bar with premium faux leather
    • Extendable canopy, with mesh pocket and soother holder
    730.00 JOD
    730.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Cotton Buds 160 Pieces

    • Chicco cotton buds are soft and flexible, 100% cotton.
    • Ideal for daily hygiene and grooming.
    • Available in a pack of 160 pcs.
    1.45 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Air Pillow For Cot

    • Pillow Chicco Air is created for comfortable rest of the child
    • The correct position of the neck is maintained due to the small thickness of the pillow
    • he internal perforated structure ensures a constant air circulation
    9.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Extension for Door Gate 360 mm

    • Use with the Chicco Nightlight Safety Door Gate
    • Extend an additional 360mm
    • Can be fitted without tools as pressure fit.
    • Height 76cm
    35.00 JOD
    15.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Dry Fit Diapers Plus (Advance) Different Sizes

    • Diapers are thin and comfortable to wear for maximum baby mobility
    • Soft side leakage protection prevents moisture from leaking
    • Gentle and adapts to the legs
    5.70 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Stroller Chicco Miinimo 3, Red

    • Super compact pushchair
    • One-hand folding mechanism
    • Adjustable backrest and footrest
    • Easy to transport due to shoulder strap
    • Coloured chassis
    335.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Anti mosquito ultra sound portable

    • This anti mosquito device operates with ultrasound technology
    • annoy the mosquitoes, but without causing any undesired effect to people
    •  Particularly suitable for the outdoors
    • equipped with a practical clip to be attached to the wheelchair or stroller
    16.80 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Crib Set 3 Pcs N2m Forever Zodiac

    • Made of 100% pure cotton, the Zodiac bedding set for Chicco Next2me is easily washable in the washing machine at 40 ° C.
    • Pillowcase, sheet, bottom sheet
    40.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Night Light With Light Sensor

    • The new Chicco Baby Moon automatic night light adapts to the brightness of the room, reassures baby at night and helps parents move around baby in the dark.
    • Its exclusive shape allows optimal diffusion of light.
    • The night light adapts to the majority of sockets thanks to its compact size.
    14.70 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Travel Breeze Cover For Group 0+

    • Cover, practical design for the car seat
    • the side is made of breathable 3D mesh fabric and the other side in contact with the child sponge.
    • Designed to be placed on the most in contact with the body of the child.
    • Easy to install in the car seat.
    • Stable in the car seat. 
    35.00 JOD
    18.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Door Stop

    • The Door Lock helps to prevent the door from moving
    • preventing children from being closed by mistake in a room
    4.70 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco New Baby Nail Scissors, Orange

    • The following children's scissors are made of stainless steel.
    • The blades are curved with rounded tips and finger holes covered with non-slip rubber for total safety during use.
    • It is included in the package a protective cap for maximum hygiene.
    5.85 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Travel Breeze for Group 1

    • Practical breathable cover for the car seat with a breathable 3D mesh face and the other side in contact with the child in a sponge.
    • Designed to be positioned on the areas most in contact with the body of the child.
    • Easy to install in the car seat. 
    • Stable in the car seat. 
    45.00 JOD
    45.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Lullaby Easy Playard- Red Wave

    • Comfort bassinet for 0 months baby, equipped with relaxing toybar
    • Playing area for your child when the child outgrows the bassinet
    • Easy snap-on/snap-off diaper changer
    • Fast & easy to set up and store
    • Two wheels for mobility
    385.00 JOD
    385.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Mosquito Net for Carry Cot

    • The mosquito net protecting the child against mosquitoes, flies and other insects.
    • It provides protection and is made of breathable mesh fabric.
    10.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Baby Walking Assistant

    • The Walking Harness can provide back and shoulder support to make your child keep balance and learn to walk. It’s Suitable for babies from 5 to 18 months.
    7.75 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco New Baby Nail Scissors Pink / Light Blue

    • These baby nail scissors made in stainless steel and have a curved blade with rounded ends and rubber inside finger holes to ensure complete safety during use.
    • They come with a cover to hygienically protect the blades when not in use.
    5.85 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Travel Breeze Cover For Group 2-3 -white

    • over, practical design for the car seat
    • the side is made of breathable 3D mesh fabric and the other side in contact with the child sponge.
    • Designed to be placed on the most in contact with the body of the child.
    • Easy to install in the car seat.
    • Stable in the car seat. 
    35.00 JOD
    18.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Next2me Magic Co- Sleeping Crib

    • Chicco Next2me Magic is the side sleeping crib that allows parents to have their children closer during the night with total comfort.

    The new mechanism of the side panel is even more convenient and easier to open/close from your bed, with just one hand and without having to get up.

    375.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Sun Umbrella - Black / Beige

    It protects your baby. Also our parasols are waterproof. Very easy and quick Compatible with on. Also with the quick release clip you can simply detach the parasol quickly and hastle free of unwinding and re-winding the clamp. 

    18.00 JOD
    15.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Shampoo Rinse Cup - 15 x 10 x 15.5 Cm

    • Baby rinse cups can easily pour water onto your baby's head, wash off the shampoo, and keep your eyes dry. Our hair rinser has a great handle to hold the cup and the soft silicone edge feels nice and relaxing against the child's forehead.

    3.95 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Color Pack for Urban Stroller

    • Colour pack to customise your stroller
    • Hood contains 50+ UV Protection
    • Pram apron can also be used as stroller legcover
    • Includes comfortable harness pads
    65.00 JOD
    48.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Body lotion 500 ml

    • It moisturizes baby's skin, making it wonderfully smooth and soft.
    • It contains sweet almond milk, with softening and nourishing properties.
    • Non-oily and quickly absorbed by the skin.
    • Parabens, alcohol, and dyes free.
    8.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Viaro Travel System, Techna

    • Suitable for ages from 6 months up to 22 kg 
    • The newborn car seat can be attached directly to the stroller and is used by newborns up to 13 kg
    •  Backrest adjustable to 3 different positions
    •  Large and comfortable seat for your child to ride.  
    625.00 JOD