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  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Door Finger Guard

    • Repetition of the door that prevents the closure of doors
    • Used to avoid risk of doors for the child
    • Easy to use to fit doors
    5.25 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Main Socket Covers 12 Pcs-10 Ampere

    • From the moments when the child begins to crawl
    • the house becomes for him a place of exciting discoveries that could prove dangerous
    • This is why Chicco has created covers that avoid contact with live parts of the power outlets
    4.80 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Safety Harness

    • Abdominal strap 30 - 70 cm.
    • Shoulder straps 25 - 45 cm.
    • Machine washable.
    15.00 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Multi - Lock

    • When baby begins to crawl and stand up and later walk,
    • e becomes more and more curious about everything surrounding him
    • The Multi-lock is a safety close device
    5.50 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Corner Protector 4Pcs

    • Chico Corner Protector protects children from injury from sharp corner bumps in home furniture
    • made of non-toxic plastic materials
    • measuring all sizes of corners of your home
    6.50 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Door Stop

    • The Door Lock helps to prevent the door from moving
    • preventing children from being closed by mistake in a room
    4.50 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Night Light With Light Sensor

    • The new Chicco Baby Moon automatic night light adapts to the brightness of the room, reassures baby at night and helps parents move around baby in the dark.
    • Its exclusive shape allows optimal diffusion of light.
    • The night light adapts to the majority of sockets thanks to its compact size.
    14.00 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Magic Lantern

    • The Magic Lantern is designed to provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere for your child to feel relaxed and immortal to sleep through the multiple lights and the various quiet tunes from the light lantern.
    • A unique magic lantern comes with a hand grip to help your baby carry it easily all the time
    40.00 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Night Light with Automatic Switch On/Off

    • The on-off (on / off) light that accompanies your child during the night with a pleasant light.
    • It automatically lights up in the dark and stops when the photosensitive cell detects sufficient light.
    • Low power consumption.
    8.50 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Piston Aerosol Unit 230V

    • The Chicco Piston Aerosol device is indicated for the treatment of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract
    • such as cold and nasal congestion and of the lower respiratory tract (bronchi and lungs).
    94.81 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Digital Electronic Baby Scale

    • The ergonomically designed and compact shaped Chicco Baby Comfort Digital Electronic Scale weighs your child from his first days and has a capacity ranging from 20 g up to 20 kg.
    • The 10 g graduation detects even the smallest weight changes that happen.
    • The scale is comfortable and convenient to use
    150.00 JOD