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ASUS ExpertCenter D3 Tower is a refreshed, budget desktop PC with more than enough processing power and reliable components. It’s easy to upgrade, so it can become more powerful and versatile as your business grows. It features full business-grade security and durability, with seamless ASUS support to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Exceptional performance, whatever the task

To make light work of all your business tasks, ExpertCenter D3 Tower is powered by a cutting-edge 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processor with the latest DDR4 RAM. An NVIDIA® discrete GPU is an option for those requiring advanced graphics performance for demanding visual tasks.

Ready for the business world

A full array of I/O ports ensures ExpertCenter D3 Tower is ready to connect to a wide range of business peripherals. Flexible serial and parallel ports on chassis leave more PCI Express® slots available for additional upgrades.

Built to last

To minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to your business, ExpertCenter D3 Tower is designed with maximum expansion slots for whatever your future needs. World-leading components deliver dependable quality and exceptional endurance, giving you 100% long-term reassurance.

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