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Mpow MX1 Earbuds Wireless & USB-C Charging w/ 4 Mics 35 Hours , Black

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Mpow MX1 True Wireless Headphones IPX8 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Headphones 4 Mic Noise Canceling & 35Hrs Playback




Bullet Points

【4 noise microphones Cancellation】Each earbud has two array-shaped microphones. The advanced beamforming technology has worked together to invent the foundation of human noise and speech interference, then help to eliminate noise and increase speech. Every word you say comes to crystal clear, no matter what's going on around.
【35Hrs time for wireless charging】You will be able to use The MX1 True Wireless Earbuds last about 5 hours, the along with the charging case hold another 5-6 charges, providing up to 35 hours. With this wireless, charging is as simple as laying it on a wireless charger.
【Supremely Comfortable】 MX1 Bluetooth headphones are small enough to fit most ears, ergonomic design and ultra lightweight offers long listening hours. Easy to use touch functionality that allows you to control calls, music and access Siri or Google Assistant.
【Clearer, Detailed-Rich Sound】 The MX1 10mm drivers have been meticulously tuned to ensure pure and clear wireless sound on all devices for a premium music experience, giving you the musical energy that could need to get you. through the day
【Mono Stereo】 MONO mode is automatically activated when one MX1 Bluetooth headphones are placed in the case, you get control from only the headphones. In Sharing MODE can relax and share headphones with friends without annoying wires.



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Mpow MX1Wireless Headphones
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