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RS-J01 / 1805151097

ARES uCoin Massage Chair RS-J01

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The movable backrest massage mechanism in uCoin Massage Chair between neck and waist performs kneading, tapping, pummel and Shiatsu massages.
Backrest ascending and descending structure can fit the body curve automatically; the ergonomic design offers the best massage.
Ability to recline backrest and footrest parts automatically in every session.
The lower back allows wavelet air pressure massages. Airbags at the thigh, buttock and legs areas will be inflated and deflated with air alternatively to offer a repeated air pressure massage and really helps relax nerves and improve blood circulation.
Keyed tamper-resistant lockbox.
LCD Digital display.

1,600.000 JOD
1,400.00 JOD
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320 Points
640 Points

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